Avir holds exclusive domestic and international field-of-use licenses from NASA for three patents and four applications covering a method of remote sensing.

Avir has exclusive licenses from the UVAPF for the differential absorption radiometry technique of remote sensing invented by Dr. Laufer. Additional inventions were already disclosed by his team to the UVAPF and are expected to be licensed exclusively to Avir.

Avir is the recipient of a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant for the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Department of Navy Engineering Logistics Office (NELO). The SBIR program was designed to provide funding to stimulate technological innovation in small businesses to meet Department of Defense research and development needs. Support by the ONR provides not only important financing but also direct interaction with leading groups and laboratories where critical technology is being developed.

Avir is among the first companies selected for participation in the Darden Progressive Incubator™ which is part of the Batten Institute, a major academic research and program center at the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration of the University of Virginia. The incubator focuses on how entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organizations create, lead, and transform global enterprises. Intended to attract and retain the most promising Darden and University entrepreneurs. Incubator participants are provided limited pre-launch resources – office space, internet access, funding leads, and a stipend – to assist them in refining their ventures. The Incubator also provides informal guidance and mentoring by Darden faculty, alumni, and others.

Avir is the winner of CIT’s competitively selected Award, which partially financed the proof-of-concept prototype. CIT was created by the General Assembly of Virginia in 1984 as a nonprofit organization designed to enhance the research and development capability of the State’s major research universities. In 1994, CIT adopted a new mission, one that measured CIT’s success in terms of jobs and companies created or retained in Virginia.