Using proprietary technology from NASA and the University of Virginia, Avir has developed a unique platform technology that meets emerging market needs in chemical agent detection for military defense, domestic preparedness response to terrorism, and environmental protection. This technology provides competitive advantages in sensitivity, speed, simplicity, compactness, and lower energy demand, all at a low cost.

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SensitiveExceeding the sensitivity of remote sensors currently fielded by the US Army.
RemoteDistinguished from in situ detectors, which must be in the chemical cloud in order to function.
Multi-chemicalAll weapon agents and simulants specified by the US army for remote sensing,as well as CO2, CO, natural gas, CH4, hydrocarbons, vehicle exhaust, and more.
FastDetection on the move.
SimpleOperable by personnel with minimal training required.
RobustNo or minimal moving parts.
Low EnergyUp to 10 hours with rechargeable battery.
Cost EffectivePrice point at or below local purchasing authority levels.