Jobs Available
Avir has an immediate job opening | May 27, 2004
Avir is seeking a talented scientist or engineer to develop the processing algorithm for a low-cost, IR passive, remote sensor of chemicals for Homeland Security, interact with the developers, participate in extensive laboratory and environmental tests until the completion of a pre-production prototype.(-> )
 Press Releases
Avir wins large government contract to develop low-cost hybrid monitors of toxic industrial chemicals for building HVAC protection. | May 16, 2004
A low-cost, low-maintenance, low-false negative and low-false positive monitor of toxic industrial chemicals (TIC) will be developed by Avir for installation in building HVAC systems under a contract from the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG). (-> )Avir, LLC closes Angel Round | October 17, 2002
Charlottesville, VA – Avir, LLC, developer of a patented technology platform for remote sensing and detection of chemical weapon agents and environmental chemicals, announced the closing of its angel financing. Avir has raised nearly $1 million to date, with funds primarily used for R&D; and business development. Aerwav Holdings led the angel round, with Bob Shiver, Aerwav CEO, joining the Avir board. Avir is targeting applications in numerous markets, including security, environmental, and military/defense. (-> )
 Recent Developments
Avir and the University of Virginia complete a new licensing agreement | May 26, 2004
Avir and the University of Virginia complete a new licensing agreement. The agreement includes all patents and technology from Dr. Laufer’s laboratory that has been or will be developed until July 2007. (-> )A new patent application is filed. | March 13, 2004
A new patent application that covers technology for multichemical detection and screening was filed by the University of Virginia. The PCT application will allow worldwide coverage. The patent is licensed exclusively from the University of Virginia to Avir. (-> )

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 Technical Papers
Avir publishes new results of sensor development | January 26, 2004
Avir publishes results of laboratory tests and modeling of its new sensor technology(-> )Low cost remote chemical sensor for Homeland Security White Paper | August 14, 2003
A lightweight, low-cost, modular, infrared remote sensor of chemical weapon agents (CWA) and toxic industrial chemicals (TIC) is being developed by Avir for anti-terrorism applications. By providing rapid detection at sensitivities that exceed military requirements, the sensor can be used to rapidly map out the spread of chemicals and identify affected areas, thereby allowing effective contamination avoidance and a consequence management process, even by minimally trained first-tier responders. (-> )