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Hazardous Gases

Avir Sensors' Chemical Detection List

ChemSight™ Hazardous Gas Detection System

The ChemSight™ detector has a growing list of detectable toxic industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents, and interferants available for use. ChemSight's database is also completely field updatable. Add or remove chemical signatures over a secure network connection.  

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Toxic Industrial Chemicals & Interferants

Ammonia FM-200 (Heptaflouropropane) Natural gas
Butane Formaldehyde Phosgene
Carbon Dioxide Hydrogen Bromide Propane
Chloroethane Hydrogen Chloride SA (Arsine)
Dibrorane Hydrogen Cyanide Stainless steel cleaner
Diesel and Gasoline exhaust Hydrogen Peroxide Sulfur Hexaflouride
DIMP IsoClean Various alcohols and solvents
DMMP Isopropynl Vinyl Chlorine
Ethylene Oxide Methyl Salicylate

* specifications subject to change without prior notice.

The Avir Sensors' ChemSight™
Hazardous Gas Detection System
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